What new players need to know in Path of Exile Heist

After Path of Exile Harvest, although the players lost their leisurely agricultural life, they ushered in the adventurous and extremely exciting POE Heist. The Heist league is a challenge league. It launched on September 18, 2020 (UTC). The way they gain POE Currency has also undergone a revolutionary change.

Just as they base the Harvest League on the Sacred Jungle, they base the Heist League on Rogue Harbor. Every player who wants to play well in the league needs to recruit thieves there to form a balanced and powerful team of thieves to help them increase the chances of successful robbery operations. Players should focus on finding thieves with special skills while recruiting. For example, some thieves will collect information, some will pick locks, and some will be invisible. These very practical skills can not only avoid the guards’ carpet search but also facilitate players to escape after a successful robbery.

The second is a very important point that all novice players must know. In a robbery, the deeper they go, the more treasures they rob, and the higher the alert level. If the alarm sounds, many guards will come from all directions to catch the thieves. What’s more terrifying is that once the guards catch them, all the items stolen by the players before will disappear, which also means that all it wastes the efforts of the players before the failure of this action.

So in order to prevent players from failing so easily, GGG added a lot of patches to the game some time ago to reduce the sensitivity of the alarm and the number of guards. It is very necessary for players to Buy POE Currency and POE Items to enhance the strength of the thieves squad before starting to act, this is the best way.

Path of Exile: The strengths of the Trickster

Path of Exile has seven playable character categories (also called core categories) are each associated with one or more attributes. The player selects a category for his character in the character creation screen. The player can specialize the character by selecting POE Currency.
The strengths of the Trickster

Trickster is an Ascendant passive skill based on Ascendant in the Trickster Ascendancy category. The Trickster is a versatile hybrid class that mixes high speed, maneuverability, and slippery defenses. He is well-suited for damage over time builds with his strong recovery from Patient Reaper and further damage over time specialization like poison via Prolonged Pain.

If you have used the movement skill in the past 4 seconds, this skill gives you the opportunity to generate energy impulse and zealous charge at the same time when you kill, and you have the opportunity to cause extra damage based on the non-chaotic damage at the time of the hit and flat mana regeneration If you have not been hit in the past 4 seconds, you can reduce your immunity. In addition, if you kill an enemy affected by your damage in the past 4 seconds, you can improve your recovery ability.

Trickster is the most versatile advantage in the game. The benefits of Trickster are almost every build in the game. Builds that break over time particularly like Trickster's Harness Void and Patient Reaper Node, although virtually any build can benefit from it.

Every node on Trickster is very good and contributes a solid foundation for offense and defense. From the beginning of the league to the end of the game, Trickster is one of the best take-offs players can choose.

Passive skills will increase the damage of creeps, increase the attack speed and casting speed of each user’s aura, and if you have recently consumed a corpse, it will increase the range of action for you and your creeps, and cause the provided skills to also apply to that user.

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What to pay attention to when selling things in Path of Exile

path of exile

Path of Exile novices don't know what to do with the extras they get. So they want to know what should sell to other players and what they should throw to NPC suppliers. There is no obvious answer. It does not fix the value of the item. It will change as the market economy changes. They can take some simple steps to determine whether a certain item is worth some POE Currency.

Since players can see the prices of items being sold by other players in POE Trade, if they also want to sell items on it, it is best to search for the sale value of similar items in advance and then set a reasonable price for the items they want to sell. Only in this way can the prices of items sold by players be able to maintain the same competitiveness as other players, so that the prices of items will not be too high or too low to cause certain adverse effects.

For example, players want to search for item A, but there are no search results. They need to use advanced indexes to expand their search scope to view similar but not identical items. Players usually trade their surplus items for urgently needed items. Players can use POE Orbs to increase the value of items. Although this method is very helpful to the players' final profit, the Chaos Orb spent by the players in the process is also a lot.

For example, the value of a Chaos Orb is equal to 160 POE Orbs. Before deciding which items to sell, don’t do it unless the players themselves have enough POE Currency and Exalted Orb reserves. There are also many players who are more stubborn. They will spend a lot of money to Buy POE Currency and Chaos Orb to help them achieve their goal.

Game mechanics in Path of Exile Heist

The POE Heist League is a league based on robbery. It requires players to form a team of thieves to snatch treasures to get POE Currency and precious treasures.

When the Harvest League was all the rage, many prescient players used the practical mechanisms in the Harvest League to increase their POE Currency reserves. When Heist is released, these players will no longer have to spend money on POE Currency and POE Items to support their gaming activities in the new league.

After GGG completed the adaptation of the mac version of POE last month, more and more mac users no longer need to cross-platform to play games. Now players of PC, PS4, Xbox1 or Mac can enjoy the excitement that POE Heist brings to them on their respective platforms.

As previously predicted by players, there are many new mechanisms in POE Heist. This new league requires players to play very hard to play well. Whether it is forming a team of thieves or planning a robbery operation, players need to invest a lot of thought and research.

And when the players have started the robbery(Path of Exile 3.12: Execute a Heist), they must always pay attention to whether their actions will trigger a higher-level alarm at the location of the treasure. Because once the alarm sounds, there will be many guards to arrest the player. What’s worse is that if the guards catch them, all the treasures successfully stolen before will disappear. Many players have proved this with actual actions. So as long as they complete the target task, players must stop coveting other valuable things but quickly evacuate the scene.

Before the start of the whole action, players are also best to Buy POE Currency and POE Items to make their actions more odds.

Some reasons to play Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a free online-only action RPG under development by Grinding Gear Games in New Zealand.

Below, here are some reasons for the upcoming players.


The best thing about the Path of Exile is his huge content. Since the launch of the Path of Exile, it has expanded a lot of content. In some aspects, it may not be very good, but most of the content is still high quality. Therefore, many players are fascinated by the Path of Exile, and you can easily sink your teeth into the endgame content for hours.


Grinding Gear Games, the game developer behind PoE, has been continually updating the game, from monthly small patches to large patches called Leagues. These Leagues provide brand new gameplay, new loot discovery and new skin collection. In order to make players love this game, Grinding Gear Games is constantly looking for unique ways to innovate existing products.


Are you having trouble choosing which melee equipment to use? Or maybe you’re confused about the skill tree’s use? You can easily find guides all over the internet, thanks to the tight-knit Path of POE Items Exile community! Wiki builds are abundant and guides pop up almost every day. Whether it’s a YouTube video to help you with power leveling or in-depth written guides about all of the expansions, there are plenty of guides to make your exile in Wraeclast so much easier.


In most ARPGs, if the player wants to add any statistical data to specify skill points, only need to pick a class, the player will fall into a special game style. However, this is not the case on the Path of Exile. Skill and abilities are linked to skill gems that are socketed into your gear—from your helm down to your boots. Now, these gems will apply different abilities to your gear depending on which you choose. Path of Exile pushes players to personalize their characters with the help of the massive skill tree and hundreds of gems to choose from.

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A way to get rich overnight in path of Exile

In POE, many players have regarded robbery as an art. In fact, this situation is very common. Players may take part in the robbery of other players or the trailing robbery team picks up the stolen goods they have dropped and so on. As we all know, players can receive POE Currency as long as they kill monsters, or they will receive a lot of rare materials when they encounter a treasure place.

Novice players will not know when they first enter the game that they should collect those useful items, so they randomly take up a lot of unnecessary time. They need to remember that they don’t have to pick up anything other than valuable items like POE Orbs and POE Items. Players with good luck if they collect good items during the game journey, they must well use them to maximize their effectiveness. Novice players should remember that before each POE game team launches new content, they should throw away the unimportant items in the warehouse to ensure that there is enough inventory space to hold all kinds of items.

Many novice players will feel that they will tire after playing for a while, which is normal because they have not fully understood how the game works. They can use some smart scrolls to make their game journey more convenient. All players need to do is use the collected POE Orbs to go to the store for four reels of wisdom. If you need a portal scroll, you can use one of the three smart scrolls to buy one, so the orb of transformation can come in handy.

This can help players upgrade quickly. Novice players do not have to worry that they will take a long time to adapt to POE. Once they complete the initial game process, they will fall in love with Path of Exile. Their top priority now is to go to the store or online seller to Buy POE Currency to prepare for the next challenge.

The next expansion of the Path to Exile

2020 is a difficult year, even for game developers who are still delivering content in a timely manner, it is difficult to integrate everything together. This year, Grinding Gear Games performed very well on Path of Exile, resulting in the usual three expansions, which are scheduled to be launched in December. However, the situation is not all smooth sailing, as Chris Wilson announced on October 21, some changes are underway. POE Currency is an important currency in the path of exile. Players can Buy POE Currency to make their path of exile more rich and smooth.

Although living in a country that is responding to a pandemic, all kinds of pressures come together to make the development of recent PoE extensions a challenging thing. Wilson pointed out that changes in the pace of development depend on whether easy tasks become more difficult than expected, or difficult tasks are easier than initially judged. Based on clear time patterns that took less time to develop than expected (or more) , this led to widespread acceptance of extensions.

In particular, Heist seems to have made more adjustments and repairs than usual, leading to serious internal discussions on how to adjust the structure of the development process to reduce the risk of subsequent expansion. The studio has decided that the 3.13 update in December will have a very specific scope that contains everything needed for the expansion of Path of Exile. Wilson personally took over the expansion of production, hoping to limit the spread of features and provide a closer, more focused player experience, complete the most important changes and make them well.

The expansion itself will be focused on the World Atlas, will require about half of Heist’s development time, and will be announced in a slightly different way than usual. Wilson hopes that the new focus will allow the company to maintain its 13-week cycle on new content, which he believes is the best choice for continued growth and long-term health before Path of Exile 2.

Some of the best things in POE Heist

Not only will many new unique items appear in the new POE league, players can also find many special weapons and enchanted armors. They can sell these weapons for POE Currency or keep them for their own use. The term enchantment was first introduced into POE from the Ascendency League. It will give special attributes to items without occupying modifier slots. These enchantments almost break the rules of the game so that if players find top-notch enchantments, they will notice that they may bring major drawbacks.

When players are carrying out a robbery, they may have more chances to pick up Trinkets. They can put these trinkets into new equipment slots, which means players can equip trinkets without damaging their current figure. Trinkets may have various effects on drops during the robbery, such as increasing the percentage of damaged drops, increasing the quality of rewards, or increasing the chance of finding special drops at work.

If it damages all these trinkets, then players can no longer make them and can only try to find them again by looting. In Grand Heists, high-quality gems will also be attractive rewards. As they gain quality and allow multiple construction possibilities, these attributes will vary.

It was release the new POE league on September 18. Those players who are still struggling in the Harvest League can shift their focus slightly to the release of the new league. When Harvest is about to end, many smart players will seize the last opportunity to use Harvest’s mechanism to accumulate POE Orbs and POE Items for themselves. Players with better economic conditions will go directly to Buy POE Currency because they don’t want to spend time on busy agricultural activities.

GGG balanced dozens of item attributes in the Path of Exile 3.12

Grinding Gear Games still keeps things going by adjusting the numbers on 50 POE items and has shared 10 items that are being tuned. The balance in the game is once again stable, which makes some weaker players more confident to continue the game and strengthens their desire for POE Currency. Balance is essential for both game studios and players. Therefore, GGG must adjust the numbers in many items.

The appearance of large passive skill trees and gems attached to weapons and armors add many features to the game. Despite the recent development difficulties of POE during the COVID-19 pandemic, Grinding Gear Games is still trying to stabilize the development plan and shared ten items to adjust. Hotfooted gems have become faster, and it is now possible to increase their generation by up to 20%, which now applies to casting and attack speeds. It played a huge role in the Harvest League that just ended recently.

Originally, when players used the amulet Ungil’s Harmony, there was a 25% increase in critical strikes, but there is no more. The better news is that players can now use it to cause 350% damage to the enemy, which is equivalent to much more powerful than before. This enhancement is wonderful news for players with abilities. They can use this amulet to win more easily in the game. The scepter restricted by the alliance is called the Dark Prophet, and GGG made changes to suit this name. In addition to the ability for players who use it to blind the enemy 10% of the time, the weapon now also makes the player himself immune to blindness and can apply a powerful Malediction debuff to the enemy for the duration of the blinding effect.

In general, these improved items will help players get a greater achievement in the right scene. Every player can help them achieve their goals by using these items reasonably. The game team did a beautiful job this time. It not only improves the status quo of inequality in the game but also attracts more and more people to join the game. Now players can go to Buy POE Currency and POE Items to make themselves more competitive.

Path of Exile 3.12: A Guide to Heist

A Guide To Heist

The Heist league is a challenge league. It launched on September 18, 2020 (UTC), alongside the Version 3.12.0 patch.

The Path of Exile Heist is somewhat different from the previous ones. Compared with the typical "Path of Exile" content and robbery, the most obvious change is the alert level. The gauge will be filled according to the opened box and be found by certain objects in the environment. Although the developers have stated that they plan to change the alert level system in the future, after the recent patch, killing the target will no longer increase Heist's alert level.

On the way to the objective lens, grab as much POE Currency as possible, but pay attention to the number of boxes included in the meter. Smaller locker chests that are little bit level produce far fewer alarms than larger side chests. If the alert level in the robbery reaches or exceeds 100%, the player will have a short time to steal the target item before it is permanently closed. Breaking the cabinet containing the target item will start the next part of the heist.

Once the player puts the target item in the inventory, the lock will begin. At this stage, enemies will flood into the level. The player will need to go back to the beginning of the level and escape without dying. Dyeing during this period will cause all stolen items to remain on the ground. It is highly recommended to carry a decoy totem, minion or some form of agricultural control measures to make the choke fight easier to manage, as the guard can easily shoot once when entering the new room.

Completing the normal contract itself will bring rewards, but well-equipped and high-level thieves will hope to complete some "big robberies." These are called game blueprints, and they act as contracts that need to be planned before they start.

The blueprint has multiple roles, which should be performed by the thieves organization. Unlike contracts, blueprints consist of multiple departments that act as independent looters. Exposing these wings consumes rogue marks and intelligence. When everything is planned, players can buy POE Orbs and start the mission. The function of the mission itself is the same as the contract, but with multiple levels and better mission ending plunder. In the blueprint you can find gems of other qualities and unique copies.

As mentioned earlier, each Rogue in "Heist" has an inventory of imitating players, which is much smaller. Players can provide rewards for Rogues items, the rewards range from increased item drops to reduced alert level gains. Like most items in Path of Exile, currency items (such as Alchemy Orbs) can be used to upgrade these items. The thief items are randomly dropped from the killed guard or chest heist mission. Increase thief activities as much as possible to maximize rewards.

In Path of Exile we could buy POE currency, which helped us to play games more easily.