Dominating Blow Guardian Builds In The Path Of Exile

Dominating Blow is an insanely strong league start ability offering a lot of variations for the end game. The path of exile heist Dominating Blow Guardian works differently from other minion builds. And that’s not a bad thing because it does its own thing. It takes a more proactive role and truly shines when it works with its army. In order to complete this build, we may need a lot of poe currency.

Dominating Blow Guardian Builds In The Path Of Exile

  • Tanky
  • League starter
  • Can defeat bosses
  • Face-tanking Bosses – The build requires you to consistently be hitting enemy bosses to keep your minions up.
  • Minion Build – Since your minions are doing the heavy lifting, defensive layers such as leeching are not favorable in this build. It will rely on regeneration & life flasks if you take any damage.

Dominating Blow Guardian Gem Links

Weapon: Rare Weapon with increased minion damage and +1 to the level of all physical skill gems.

Head: Rare Helmet with increased life, elemental resistance, + to the level of Socketed Gems and socketed minion gems get to level 16-20 Minion Damage

Armor: Rare Armor with bonuses to life, elemental resistances, and increased effect of Offerings

Gloves: Rare Gloves with increased life, elemental resistances, and minion damage

Boots: Rare Boots with increased life, elemental resistances, movement speed, and +1 level of Spectre Gems

Belt: Torrent’s Reclamation (Unique) for Summon Greater Harbinger of Time skill, increased life recovery, stun and block recovery, increased attack and cast speed, and cooldown recovery rate

  • Rare Amulet with bonuses to life, dexterity, and +1 to the level of all Physical Skill gems
  • 2 Circle of Guilt (Unique Ring) with increased physical damage, armor, reduced 20% mana reservation for Herald of Purity and increased damage for Sentinels of Purity
Jewels: Ghastly Eye Jewel for increased minion damage, life, attack, and cast speed

  • Seething Divine Life Flask of Staunching for life recovery and bleeding recovery/immunity
  • Eternal Life Flask of Heat for life recovery and chill/freeze recovery/immunity
  • Rumi’s Concoction (Unique) for increased armor and block chance
  • Writhing Jar (Unique) for instant recovery
  • Quicksilver Flask of Warding for increased movement speed and curse recovery/immunity
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